Travel Journals around America and Europe

A series of journals in form of chapter books and blogs about journeys in North America and Europe; it is works in progress.

  • Route 66 – Following America’s Mother Road from Chicago to San Francisco.
  • Québec, Canada – Along Lake Superior and Lake Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to Montreal and Québec and back through the states south of the Great Lakes.
  • Texas Hill Country – Down South through Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas to the beautiful Hill Country of Texas and its fascinating history.
  • Still Waters, Black Hills – From the St. Croix river to the Black Hills through Minnesota and the South Dakota’s Badlands into the heart of the Black Hills.
  • Canyon Land – From Stillwater to the National Parks of Wyoming, Utah, Arizona and Colorado
  • Up and Down the Mississippi River – From Stillwater to New Orleans along Route 61, touching historic sites in Illinois, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.
  • Passau, the historic city in Bavaria – Located at the most south-eastern corner of Germany, this city has an ancient history and architectural beauty. The voyage leads also through beautiful areas along the northern Danube river.