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Guten Appetit! A delicious journey through another Germany
ISBN 97809770749-07 paperback

This award winning cook and travel book takes you in 12 chapters through 12 cities or regions in Germany with history, anecdotes and food. 12 menus composed of soups and salads, entrees and desserts paired with beverages like beer or wine, and again with family stories, all collected from family and friends, the author describes the food culture of her home country as well as the history of the locations where these dishes are tradition. Add to that a deft amount of information about wines, beers, staples of the German cuisine, and you have a book full of fun and facts. A great read, even if you don’t like cooking. This book was honored with the 2016 Benjamin Franklin Silver Award for Excellence in Publishing.

Fly With Me – A fusion of poetry and images
ISBN 97809770749-21 hardcover, or 97809770749-52 paperback

Poetry and images combined in broadsides cover a broad landscape of family, health and healing. Whether observing the parade of vanities along a river promenade or steeping herself and her readers in the “humming harmony of silence” on the prairie, the poet’s feeling for the earth and the people who populate it is both passionate and soul-centering.


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